The Easy Company Formation Process:
  • No bureaucratic Hurdles
  • Supportive Government Policies.
  • Fast, cheap and simple company formation.
Strategic Location
  • Prime gateway to China and Southeast Asia;
Free trade agreement (CEPA);
Lower withholding tax for dividend and royalty in China.
Asia’s Financial Hub:
World-class infrastructure; business opportunities especially for SMEs.
No restriction on business scope.
Investment-Friendly place.
Political and economic stability:
Legislation based on English Common Law.
No foreign exchange controls.
Leading financial and business center, high GDP.
Easy company formation rules and regulations.
Simple Tax Layout:
No VAT, capital gain dividend tax and withholding tax;
Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements.
16.5% flat rate profit tax;
Business-Friendly Environment:
Attractive foreign investment policy; no restriction on foreign ownership.
No restriction on business scope.
Allowed multi-currency bank note.

Trusted Image:
  • Not a tax haven country.
  • Excellent reputation of banking and financial system.
Why do business in Hong Kong?