Offshore Special License(s)

In Belize (Requirements:Local director requirement and Capital injection requirement)

- Insurance License 

- International Assets Protection and Management License (Capital requirement US$25,000)

- Money Transmission Services License (Capital requirement US$50,000)

- Payment Processing Services License (Capital requirement US$50,000)

- Trading in Foreign Exchange License (Capital requirement US$100,000)

- Trading  in Financial and Commodity-based Derivative Instruments and Other securities License 

(Capital requirement US$100,000)

- Money Brokering License (Capital requirement US$50,000)

- Money Lending and Pawning License (Capital requirement US$50,000)

- Money Exchange License (Capital requirement US$75,000)

 - Safe Custody Services License (Capital requirement US$25,000)

 - Non-resident or International Trusts License