Why setup an offshore company in Singapore?
Ease of Company Incorporation in Singapore:
Quick service System by the government.
Fully Computerized Channels.
No Bureaucratic hurdles.
Promotes Ease of Doing Business.

Enhanced Privacy Tax-Friendly Regime:
No Capital Gains Tax.
No Withholding Tax.
No Value Added Tax.
No Sales Tax.
No Stamp duty

Reliable Image in the Market:
Not a tax haven country.
Credible and Reputable image among stakeholders, bankers and investors.
Big Market for the Investors.

Politically Stable Environment:
Corruption free and Regulatory framework and environment.
International trades Partnership.

Liberalized Ownership
100% ownership and no exchange control.
Comprehensive Intellectual Property Protection.
Global Financial Hub
Big Market for the Investors
Enormous Opportunities to the Startups
higher return on investment