Registration Fees Schedule

Registration Fees Schedule
This is true that setting up a business in Hong Kong is a very daunting task. You may ponder and ask how hard the organization arrangement technique is here in Hong Kong. And such type of questions arises when you are confused and tensed. Some people will say their website is so confusing and some will say its procedures are so difficult. Are you also facing such type of difficulties at the time of applying? No need to worry Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited are here to help you. We will be making you aware of all the procedures of it from Hong Kong business registration fees to new policies.

How to Apply

 Stephen M.S Lai & Co CPA Limited will help you in filling up the form for incorporation of local companies online at the 24 hours portal e-registry. With our proper guidelines, you can easily cross this hurdle without any hassle. Not only this, we will help you in getting the unique name for your company that relates to the services you will be selling.

What Kind of Services do I get?
Stephen services include:
1. Company name seek
2. Incorporation Certificate
3. Business Enlistment Permit
4. Articles of Affiliation (10 duplicates in English and 1 duplicate in Chinese)
5. Share declaration book
6. Authorized organization stamp, organization hack or a typical seal.
7. Green box with the organization name imprinted on
8.1st-year organization secretarial administrations
9. Complimentary opening bank account arrangement:-
a) 5 confirmed genuine true copies of organization records for opening financial balance
b) Prepare a board minute for opening financial balance
  • Arrange and make an appointment with the bank representative to open your bank account at our center or a nearby branch
 In the end, Stephen confirms that you meet honestly required due dates by alarming you well early.