Corporate Bank Account Opening Service:
Stephen CPA M.S Lai and co. Ltd will assist our client in securing corporate bank account numbers and merchant account numbers in or outside of Hong Kong with top tier banks.

Corporate Finances:
Our team will assist our client in obtaining trade finances from Hong Kong and overseas banks.

Virtual Office Services:
Our building network in most well-known financial centers can significantly boost your corporate image with a business address in one of the most prestigious places around the world while only paying a reasonable fee.

Accounting and Taxation Support:
We can discharge our clients from accounting and reporting requirements, including preparation audit and filing of financial statements and tax returns.

Legal Support Team:
Our experienced legal team is there to support our clients in protecting their rights and interests in a particular legal relationship. The Legal Support Team's main task is to provide each client with the most flexible service conditions, considering his/her requirements and individual characteristics.

HR Support:
We can assist our clients in recruiting staff both in and outside of Hong Kong. If needed, we can additionally prepare and submit applications for work permits.
Professional Services