Why to do or expand business in China ?

Why to do or expand business in China ?

How to do business in China ?

Before considering this, firstly you need to consider whether It is worthy to do or expand business in China ?

Answer: Yes, it definitely does. There has 1.379 billion people in China. It is the No. 1 many people are living in a country. From the statistical records, around 1 billion people are poor. So there has 0.379 billion people who are able to support consumption in China. The important one is that they are willing to spend. If you look at UK population figure, it has 65.64 million people living in UK. It has 743.1 million people in European Countries (EU Market). It has 323.1 million people in USA.

Secondly, China is regarded as the Second Largest Economy over the world. As China is still a developing country, so in the coming future, China must go up, and will become the Largest Economy in the world.

Thirdly, China is regarded as The World Factory. Please check your iPhone or iPad or other advanced technology products. Where they are made from ? Yes, from China.

Therefore, it is a worth to do or enter China markets.