Belize Company Formation

Belize Company Formation

Caribbean seaboard of the Central America has hidden a beautiful country named Belize. Belize got independence from Britain in 1981 and since then it maintained the status of an independent democratic commonwealth country. Belize has the stable democratic government system and now with the inception of International Business Companies Act 1990, Belize is very popular among offshore aspirants. The reason behind popularity of Belize in offshore market is basically due to the derivation of its legislative system from the British Virgin Island.

The procedure to incorporate International Business Company is easy, cost effective and time efficient in Belize and not only this, but International Business Companies gets benefits of tax immunity as per IBC Act 1990. There are minimum filing requirements for IBCs in Belize and they shall not be questioned for currency control. However, there is the legal obligation due to the legislative changes which says that registered agents must retain the possessed bearer shares.

Incorporation Requirements

Following are the requirements for company incorporation in Belize:


  • There is a requirement of minimum one director and it’s not necessary for the directors to be resident or nationals of Belize.
  • It is allowed to appoint corporate directors.
  • No need for director’s meeting.
  • No need for maintaining public director’s register.


  • There is no requirement of minimum secretary and it’s not necessary for the secretaries to be resident or nationals of Belize.
  • It is allowed to appoint corporate secretaries.
  • No professional qualification requirement for the secretary.


  • There is a requirement of minimum one shareholder.
  • It is allowed to appoint corporate shareholders.
  • No need for maintaining public shares register.
  • Par values of shares are not permitted.
  • Share capital is authorised to be of 50,000 shares with the value of each share of USD 1.
  • Shareholders are allowed to retain or possess bearer shares.

Incorporation Fee

Kindly have a look at the section of fee schedule for description of incorporation fee. However here is the summary of the fees structure:

  • Fees of government.
  • Fees of local secretary.
  • Fees of local agency.
  • Fees of registered office.
  • Fees of our service.

Once your company incorporates, you will get; certificate of incorporation along with M & A five copies, and original formation documents and minutes.

Incorporation Time

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for company incorporation in Belize.

Offshore Bank Account

For the updated details on the facility of offshore bank account, please refer to the section of fee schedule.


  • Company should have registered agent.
  • If all shareholders or some are nominee, then there is no need to declare shares ultimate beneficial ownership to authorities.