Anguilla Company Formation

Anguilla Company Formation

Anguilla is situated in the Caribbean with Puerto Rico to its east and Leeward Island to its north. Island has relatively new status of offshore centre and has the reputation of well-regulated jurisdiction and modern legislation. Anguilla has an excellent communication network and thus is a very stable country. Anguilla has no foreign exchange control and generally has no tax treaties.

Anguilla welcomes the money and possess the state-of-the-art rapid incorporation services and offers great flexibility for company incorporation. All this flexibility and modernisation is basically on account of modernization of company legislation and taxation system. Anguilla is also an attractive investment because the services you will get in Anguilla are as convenient and up to date as equivalent to any other country. Anguilla calls foreign or any other incorporated company as an IBC and these IBCs will tend to enjoy tax immunity for the grace period of fifty (50) years.

Incorporation Requirements

Although Anguilla is the investment heaven but there are still certain rules and regulations which need to be followed.

Company Directors

Following are the procedural requirements for the company’s director in the Anguilla:

  • There is the requirement of at least one director and there is no requirement for the director to be resident or national of Anguilla.
  • No need to hold director(s) or board meeting.
  • Permission to appoint corporate directors.
  • No need to maintain or keep public director’s register.

Company Secretaries

Following are the procedural requirements for the company’s secretary in the Anguilla:

  • There is the minimum requirement of one secretary which is not bound to be resident or national of Anguilla.
  • Appointment of corporate secretary is permitted.
  • No requirement for the company secretary to hold any professional qualification.


Following are the procedural requirements for the company’s shareholder in the Anguilla:

  • There should be minimum one shareholder of the company.
  • No need to maintain or keep public shares register.
  • Par values of shares are not permitted.
  • Share capital is authorised to be of 50,000 shares with the value of each share at $1.
  • Corporate Shareholders are permitted to be appointed.
  • Permission for the bearer shares.


Incorporation Fee

Please refer to the fee-schedule for updated fee structure for company incorporation. However here is the summary of what charged fee will include:

  • Fees of government.
  • Fees of local secretary.
  • Fees of local agency.
  • Fees of registered office.
  • Fees of our service.

Once your company gets incorporated, you will get; Certificate of incorporation along with original formation documents and minutes, and five copies of M & A.

Incorporation Time

It takes 1 to 2 weeks for company incorporation in Anguilla.

Offshore Bank Account

For the updated details on the facility of offshore bank account, please refer to the fee-schedule section.


Following are some miscellaneous incorporations requirement in Anguilla:

  • Annual returns of the company must be demonstrated.
  • Company should have registered agent.
  • Where all or some are nominee shareholders, then there is no need to declare ultimate beneficial owner of the shares as authority.