What We Offer

What We Offer

We at Stephen M. S. Lai & Co. CPA Ltd give our valued customer services for Apostille Certificate because as many nations require this condition accepting official documents.

Under The Hague Convention, this Apostille was made. As when official document was submitted in an abroad country it was difficult to identify the legalisation of documents so in 1961 this procedure of legalisation was concluded and replaced by Apostille certificate.

The documents you submitted for Apostille certificate can be get from the country where you submitted the documents. For example, if you know your documents are from which country, then for acquiring Apostille Certificate you need to go to Ministry of External Affairs of that country, somewhat if you can’t make it out then Stephen M. S. Lai & Co. CPA Ltd are there for you.

Under the Hague Convention, the members of this convention must be good enough for official document like the Apostille Certificate to be accepted when made in the foreign countries. This document may be asked for legalisation in associated embassies of countries by the related departments.

We as a firm be able to assist you in helping your documents to be legalised in your relevant embassies and also helping in formation of Apostille Certificate too. You can reach us through your convenience by contacting us through email for getting more details on any related issue, but only a few information you need to provide us to make your work done as which type of documents you want to legalize and your relevant embassy.

Below is the list and details of 186 nations, in which we can help you to make your work done in legalizing the documents or formation of Apostille Certificate. We are there for you regarding any help and feel free to ask us for your related issues.