Other Professional Services

Our professional services with reference to how to open a limited company in HK, is all you would need to rely upon for your formation of United Kingdom. From the company name registration HK to open ltd HK, we extend our professional expertise at every stage. Hence you do not need to worry about how to form a company in HK. We know the job well!

We take the burdens of how to set up a company HK completely off your shoulders. Therefore we provide a complete set of services meant for HK tax department and companies registration office HK for our clients residing in the UK or overseas. Along with the company formation companies’ house, our services includes other supporting services as well.

Supporting services we offer are:

  • Registration for corporate tax as part of how to register a company in HK
  • Appointment as your tax representative to deal with special issues from Tax department HK
  • Register for PAYE as an employer when you register a company name HK
  • Employment of overseas persons or local persons when you register limited company HK
  • Registration of Special types of business and special licenses in UK required for starting a company UK
  • Registration of a National Insurance Number to open limited company HK
  • Registration of business registration
  • Quarterly filing of VAT to the HK tax department and reclaim of the additional VAT paid to register with companies house HK
  • Registration according to Data Protection Law HK
  • Registration according to Money Laundering Law for HK company register
  • Renewals to Companies House and Tax filings Services to HK tax department
  • Corporate tax and accounts filing to HK tax department
  • Corporate tax and preparation of management accounts filing to HK tax department as part of how to open a company in HK
  • Look for physical office in HK
  • HK legal documents necessary as part of how to set up a limited company HK
  • Full set of formation documents essential when companies house register new company
  • Consulates certification of official documents
  • Trademark registrations
  • Corporate Secretarial Services as part of how to open ltd company HK which includes:
  • Change of company name of your ltd formation HK
  • Change of directors/shareholders in your formation of HK
  • Change of address from when you register a company name HK
  • Issue of new shares while starting a limited company HK or for a previously register ltd HK
  • Nominees arrangements including nominees directors and nominees shareholders