Open a Personal EMI Account in HK

We are proud to state that over 10 EMI are our associates. We provide an integrated service that includes opening up a personal EMI account for our clients.

What is a personal EMI account?

EMI accounts are required for both corporate and personal uses. Personal EMI accounts are strictly used for keeping and distributing personal funds and assets. While you are planning to form a company HK, you are required to open the relevant bank accounts. A personal EMI account is not essentially required in all cases. However if you need to open one, our consultants shall guide you about the process completely before your company registration HK.

Process to open a personal EMI account in HK

To open a bank account the following process is followed:

  • Set an appointment with us to discuss how it works.
  • Our experts  analyze your documents
  • We take your appointments at the bank and make arrangements for the application for your account opening.
  • Clients do not need to visit to EMI office.

Time limit

It normally takes 2-3 weeks to have an EMI account opened.