Legalisation in UK

If we talk about legalisation in HK for this certificate Apostille, this certificate comes under the Foreign Commonwealth Office that legalise this to know if the documents are original or authentic by seeing the stamps, sign and seals. After the verification of these certificates these can be used in other countries that are included in the Hague Convention.

Following are some of the conditions where legalisation of documents are needed

  • Identification of proof given by birth certificate or any travel document copies.
  • In United Kingdom, Universities students who completed their studies need to provide their degree certificate, transcript or attendance record for any further education admission or for applying work visa.
  • In some cases when a person is owning a property in other country, if he dies then the proof of death certificate issued or any Power of Attorney is required.
  • For applying of visa or plan for working abroad then one have to submit a criminal record certification.
  • One of the main document required and necessary when to open an account in the bank is the incorporation certificate issued by the Companies House also to be attached.
  • A document containing a proof of no restriction on getting married abroad.
  • A certificate of divorce issued from the United Kingdom for changing in the name done in foreign passport, and if someone get to marry again in other country or if applying for a divorce.

A certificate of apostille will only be issued by Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to you if your submitted documents would include a verified sign and stamp from an UK official, or else before submission to the FCO these documents are to be verified as a proved copy and close by UK legal representative.

An Apostille Certificate should include

When an Apostille Certificate is formed, it’s a legal document like other documents. It is enclosed and glued with the seal of FCO. This certificate has the following below facts:

  • From which nation it is originated.
  • When the document is signed, it should contain name and official ability from the signatory.
  • When the document is stamped or sealed it must include indication from the authority.
  • Certification of venue.
  • Certification of time.
  • Authority who are involved its details.
  • Number of Certificates.

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