HK Corporate Bank Account Services

Companies’ Registry set up a new company. Company registration HK requires the person who register company HK nonresident, to open a corporate bank account where to keep all the reg HK ltd funds and assets. Online company registration HK also requires this condition.

Therefore, our best company formation service HK includes the opening of a corporate bank account for your new company registration HK.

What is a corporate bank account?

When you set up new company companies house require you to open a bank account.

How to establish a company in HK? Starting a ltd company HK is a technical task. The first step is to register your company HK with companies’ registry set up. After you register company in HK you need to open a corporate bank account.

Our HK law associates are well aware about how to establish a company in HK. They extend their full support and services to set up a new company HK making your journey smooth.

Process of opening a corporate bank account

The process to open your corporate bank account becomes simpler when you contact our specialists to create limited company HK. The following process is followed to open your corporate account:

  • Please take an appointment with us when you plan to register your business HK
  • We check your full set of documents for required to open new company HK
  • As we register a business in HK, clients need to visit bank office along with all the documents and follow bank procedures

Time limit

Banks usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to open a corporate account.

Multiple banks we work with

There are a number of banks where we offer to open your corporate bank accounts when you set up company HK. We understand how to set up ltd company in HK. Companies house register limited company when there is a bank account to operate it. Therefore, in order to register ltd HK, a corporate bank account is necessary.

We work with multiple banks to fulfill your formation of Great Britain requirements. Our banking experts can open your corporate account in multiple banks remotely.