Frequently asked Questions

Q: What type of legal company structure will you setup for me?

A: We will register a HK Private Limited Company on your behalf. (A private company with Limited Liability).

Q: Can I choose any company name I want?

A: You are only able to choose a name that has not been used previously and must comply with the Company Law of HK.

Q: If I come from overseas, can I still setup a company in HK ?

A: This is absolutely possible, you can become a shareholder or/and a Director of a  offshore HK company and still run it without a visa.

Q: Is there a specific number of directors or shareholders that are required?

A: The minimum requirement is; one director and shareholder. It is also possible for the director and shareholder to be the same person and can be a person from overseas without working visa.

Q: What documents and other information do you need to register an offshore HK company on my behalf?

A: On receipt of your initial request, we will email you our application form for completion. As soon as we receive this back (completed in full), along with a copy of your valid passport and proof of address (utility bill will be sufficient - no older than 3 months), we will then be able to start the process for you.

Q: What amount of share capital is required? Do I require to pay to my company?

A: It is entirely your decision as to the amount of share capital you require. We recommend the standard share capital amount of £1 unless you specify otherwise. This amount will show in the Memorandum of Articles. No actual payment of share capital is required into the Company bank account.

Q: What is the procedure and how long will it take?

A: On receipt of your initial request, we will email you our application form for completion. As soon as we receive this back (completed in full), along with a copy of your valid passport and proof of address (utility bill will be sufficient - no older than 3 months), we will then check your details and send you an invoice for payment. It is possible to pay by wire transfer, Western Union or PayPal. Once payment is received, we shall than start the registration formation process with Companies House. This usually takes 1 processing day to complete the formation registration. Once this is all processed we shall send the documents to you via email and courier you the original documentation thereafter.

Q: Is it possible to open a bank account, do I have to visit the Bank personally and what is the fee?

A: We are able to open corporate accounts for which you can select our Unique Address Package + UK EMI Account without having to visit. For more information as to what an EMI is, please visit our website at the link below:

Q: What do you charge for a company setup?

A: Please visit our Web site and see the Non-UK Resident Company Setup Packages page

Q: What are your annual maintenance fees?

A: We only charge US$800 - this includes:

Preparation of annual returns and file to the Companies House on your behalf.

For business that is done Outside HK: Report to Companies House and HK tax department and


Dependent on the type of package you choose:

  • Use of a Registered Business Address (Unique Company Address)
  • Provision of Director Service Address (Unique Company Address)
  • Corporate Secretary services available
  • Provide you with a General HK telephone line
  • Mail forwarding services

The total renewal fee will be only US$800.

Q: Do I need to keep accounts records, do audits taxes?

A: There is no regulatory requirement for audits and record keeping for small and medium sized companies. We do however, recommend you keep proper records for your Internal Management purposes Only (not for tax filing purposes)

Q: If I do overseas business, do I still need to pay tax?

A: Overseas business is not taxable - for more information on this please visit our  

   web site

Q: How much do you charge for management of accounts, filing tax at Companies House and HK tax department and can you help if I want to do monthly or yearly accounts?

A: Our charges are based upon how much work is involved. Regards to preparing accounts, our starting price is US$500 for annual management accounting. This includes the management of account filing to HK tax department and Companies House.

Q: Are you able to register VAT on my behalf?

A: We are able to do this once this has been authorized by you in writing via email.

Q: Is it possible for you to file VAT quarterly on my behalf?

A: This is absolutely possible, we are able to keep monthly VAT records and also file quarterly VAT to the HK tax department on your behalf. Please note, this needs to be confirmed by you in writing first.

Q: Do you provide trust or nominee services?

A: Yes, we can provide this service: please visit our Other Professional Services for

  details through our website.

Q: Is it possible to firstly pay a deposit?

A: We will accept a 50% deposit up front and the final 50% on completion.

Q: What methods do you accept for payment?

A: Payments can be made using the following methods: bank transfer, PayPal or Western Union. Once your order is accepted, we will inform you how to make payment.


Q: I am an overseas resident, do I need a visa before I enter the HKUK ?

A: Please see the website below:

The table lists all the countries, some of which you need a visa before entrance to the UK and some countries that are granted visa’s upon arrival. (Eg. people from Hong Kong will automatically be issued 180 days in the HK).

Q: What hotels do you recommend close to your office for if I want to come and


A: click on hotel link below and search for hotels in Sheug Wan HK

this allows you to choose the day you prefer to check in and also check out along with the location you want to reside.

Q: How can I get to your office from HK airport?

A: On arrival, follow the signs that guide you to Immigration. Once through immigration, follow signs to the Exit and Taxis/Buses. From there you will be able to travel by coach to Sheung Wan for approximately £6.00 (this may vary) and will take you roughly 20 minutes.

If you are unable locate the office please do not hesitate to contact us at +44-1483 906597/906577 so that we can assist you.

Q: How long will it take to travel from my home country to the UK?

A: You will find the flight duration through Simply enter the HK and your home country, you will see the flight duration to HK.