Apostille Certificate

Apostille certificate is a certificate one need to have when asked for proof of identity as this document is issued by state own department.

A certificate named as Apostille Certificate is known to be a small type of certificate that is required and made available to get to know the validation of stamps, signature and seal on the issued official document. These type of certificate helps to determine through different checks which helps to know if the stamps or signature are that are provided are in official form.

The main function and role of this document Apostilles is to have verification and authentication of sign and stamps of official documents are being legal or not like examples of certificates including marriage certificates, birth and death certificates, passport and many other types of certificates being distributed from a state ownership because to help make them usable in other countries that follow the Hague Convention Treaty on 1961.

Documents that require Apostille 

Following is list of documents that may require Apostille Certificate:

  • Birth and death certificates and also include marriage certificates.
  • Academic certificates.
  • Court orders. Any orders from the court, this also have to be included.
  • Any Wills.
  • Passports copies.
  • Certificates of incorporation. Incorporation Certificate, given when a company is formed.
  • Any export products, its certificates also to be included.
  • Any Foreign documents to be included to this list.