Following are the steps to set up your company in Seychelles:
Consultation with our Advisory Team:
Our advisory team can speed up the process of formation of your company in Belize by keeping following key points;

Understanding your case:
Our highly skilled and experienced consultants will help you make the right choices for your future company by doing an in-depth study and investigation of your case.

Knowing your client:
Our advisory team will collect the required customer's documents and verify them with signed order and due diligence forms. The invoice(s) will also be provided for the customer to make payments via our suggested methods.
Best company suitable for the client:
Our advisory team will advise you types of companies in Seychelles, which is the best fit for your business activity.

Incorporation process:
The order form will be passed through the compliance department and the company registrar for incorporation. The time needed to obtain the hard copies of company documents depends on each country.

Get your company ready.
After the successful formation of your offshore company, you might need to open a bank account for trading with your partners.