Uses and Registration Process of a China Company

Uses of a China Company
1. If properly structured, a China Company is the perfect entity to book international profits without paying local corporation tax;
2. Because of the positive image of a China Company, it is an excellent vehicle to promote to investors and venture capitalists;
3. A China Company is the perfect China market entry, particularly when supported with a China Virtual Office.

How to enter the Chinese market ?

How to Trade in the China Market ?

What are the business opportunities in China?

The China Registration Process – China market entry strategy
Our firm can help you with China business registration, how to find a good mode of entry to China and trade in China Market and incorporate your China entity within 30 days by law. You will not need to visit China at any point during the registration process as we offer a full China company registration service. Our staff will look after all the paperwork on your behalf, and will provide easy-to-understand instructions on signing corporate documents. Some of the common China market entry strategy’s in the China business set up process:
1. We submit on our client's behalf all the required documents to the relevant provincial foreign trade and economic cooperation department for approval for entering the Chinese market;
2. Upon approval of the application, our Consultants' China affiliate will submit on our client's behalf the registration documents to the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce;
3. Upon approval, our Consultants will submit 3 proposed company names to the Registrar on our client's behalf;
4. We will prepare and submit a feasibility study to government Authority;
5. We will prepare and submit Articles of Association to the China Registrar;
6. We will submit an application for a Business License;
7. We will assist our Client in applying for a local bank account;
8. Obtain the necessary work permits and resident permits for the legal representatives, etc;
9. Obtain approval or certificates from various authorities such as the Planning Bureau, the Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau, the Industrial and Commercial Registration Office, the Statistics Bureau, the National Taxation Administration Bureau, the Local Taxation Administration Bureau, the Public Security Department, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the foreign Exchange Administration Bureau and the Customs etc.