Hong Kong Company Setup Time

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Initial Application Stage

Client fills up the company application form online.

Jan 01, 2017

Company Registration Stage

After the application form is received. We will issue an invoice and engagement letter to the client. Client pays the invoice which can pay by either cash if clients visit our office or wire transfer or western union or moneygram or paypal if clients proceed remotely. Client sends the proof of paid record, and signed engagement letter to us. Application process will be proceeded according to the Law. Our systems have direct links to Companies Registry of Hong Kong. It takes one day. Clients will receive full set of formation documents via emails including certificate of incorporation and M & A.

Jan 02, 2017

HSBC or other Banks in Hong Kong Accounts Appointment Stage

Once client has made an order and paid on either 1st or 2nd of January of 2017, client can book a flight and come to Hong Kong immediately. If client comes to Hong Kong on 3rd January 2017, we will make a bank appointment arrangement on 3rd January 2017, most likely in the afternoon. We will prepare all documents for client, as according to the checklist of HSBC or other banks in Hong Kong. At this stage. The client only needs to bring passport and address proof. The appointment takes around 30 minutes. After the meeting, client can leave Hong Kong immediately.

Jan 03, 2017

HSBC or Other Banks in Hong Kong Bank Account Processing Stage

After all the documents are received by the bank managers of HSBC or of other Hong Kong Banks, client bank accounts will be processed very swiftly. It takes around one to two weeks. If successful, client will receive a token, a pin and a bank account number. In some cases clients get accounts number within hours within the same day (The exact time do depends upon the nationality of the client, adequacy of requested documents and the type of business being performed)

Jan 04, 2017