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The company we register for you is a private limited company. It is a private company with limited liability. (IBC)
Basically, if the name is not yet registered, you can use it. 
Yes, you can. You can act as shareholder and director of offshore company. You are not required to get working visa. 
There is at least one director and shareholder. The director and shareholder can be the same person, it can be an overseas person. 
You just go to Online Forms Section and fill up the company formation form. It has the required details we need to form an offshore company for you. 
Do I require to pay to my offshore company ? The amount of share capital can be found from relevant headings of the website. But we will use the standard share capital. It is only required for you to sign a document called M & A, and actual payment is not require
First, you just fill up the form online and provide detailed information to us. We will go online formation process.  It only takes 1 processing days to get the formation done.  Then we will send back the formation package to you emails.
Do I have to visit Bank Office  ? What is the fee ? Yes, we can help you to open bank accounts. For details, please visit Bank Account Services Section.
Please email to us for a quote.
We charge only US$800 including: 1) Preparing for annual returns and file to the Companies Registry 2) Collecting the business registration certificate  AND:-Free mail forwarding (for a year)-Appointment of corporate secretary and local agency for a year-Providing registered office and business address for a year-Free public telephone line for a year-Free public fax line for a year. So the total renewal fee will be only US$800.

Every year, the Hong Kong tax department will issue a profits tax return to the Company, and it requires the company’s accounts to be filed to tax department. Certainly, in your case, as it is offshore in nature, the tax department will not require you to pay Hong Kong Tax, even they will issue a confirmation to confirm that your company profits are exempted from profits tax in Hong Kong. The general procedure is that we will prepare for Declaration Report of Non Business Engaged in Hong Kong, and Specific Power of Attorney for you so that we will be appointed as your attorney and will attend answering the enquiries made further by the Hong Kong Tax Department and deal with all tax issues on your behalf, and filing to the Hong Kong Tax Department, and confirm that your company is offshore in nature, and is no required to pay the tax in Hong Kong. For the fee, we charge on average starting from US$500 for a year including preparation of documents of Declaration Report of Non Business Engaged in Hong Kong, Specific Power of Attorney,
Fill up the Profit Tax Return under BIR51, following up the actions made by Hong Kong Tax Department in regarding to further returns under s.51(3), to provide further information to Hong Kong Tax Department under s.51(4)(a), and attend for the matter of your tax issues under s.51(4)(b). (It is required to proceed after Renewal is fully completed.) The fee is US$500.

So total fee for renewals and tax filings are US$1,300  in regardless to the size of business transactions, nature of business, etc.

No, offshore company is not required to keep proper records. 
No, I have mentioned already.  
Basically, we charge based upon how much the workload we have in regarding for your company. On average, we charge starting from US$800 for annual accounting, auditing, and tax filing. 
How much do you charge ? Yes, we are offshore expert. Please visit offshore company setup Sections of our website. 
Yes, for all jurisdictions. 
Yes, please visit other professional services Section for details. 
Yes, we accept 100% payment before further process.
Yes, you can pay either by bank transfer, cheque/check, paypal, western union, money gram or credit card provided by paypal system.  Once we accept your order, we will instruct you how to make settlement. 
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Please visit the  www.booking.com
Then type Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom
You will find some hotels close to us.

After landing, you follow the signs that will guide you to go at the counter of Immigration officer (In English). After clearing off, you can follow the signs which guides you what traffic you can go to your destination. We do advise you that for comfortable journey, it is better to go to our office by Coach which takes you 30 minutes from airport to Woking Train Station. From Woking Train Station, it takes you 2 minutes to our office by walk.

Detailed direction
After clearing off to the immigration counter and collection of your luggage, please follow the signs which go by BUS. Then at the bus counter, please buy ticket going to Woking Train Station. When you arrive at the Woking Train Station (which is the Back Entrance Woking Train Station), please go back to the Main Entrance Woking Train Station.  At the Main Entrance Woking Train Station, please go on your left hand side. You will see our building name, called Temple Court. We are exactly at that building.

You can also see google map as by typing at
GU21 6BH temple court
You will see the true location

If you cannot find us. please contact us at +44-01483906577.   
Please go to www.travelmath.com and enter UK and your home country, you will see the flight time you come to UK.
If we cannot register a company for you and cannot get a business license, we will refund the whole amount of formation services fees back to you provided you had provided the adequate information to us for process the relevant government departments do require.  
If we cannot get the bank account open for you under the Guarantee Scheme, we will refund the bank services fee back to you provided you had provided the documents and information relevant bankers have asked for including passport and proof of address, and under the conditions of the Guarantee scheme.