Register your Company Name:
Firstly, you have to register your company with the proposed name by applying for company registration to the Department of Economic Development (DED).
After that, acquire a trade license by submitting to the company’s documents to the DED or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Required Documents:
The exact documents needed will depend on the location where you are incorporating your company. Some documents are compulsory, though, which include.
Shareholder ID
Shareholder passport and Visa.
License form.
Bank reference letter.
Proof of your financial status
A MOA (Memorandum of Association)
An AOA (Articles of Association)
Certified copy of tenancy contract
Stamped visa from the Immigration Department
Approval document from the Legal Affairs Department
Approval documents from the Ministry of Economy and other government entities, if required
Approval documents from the Ministry of Economy and other government entities, if required
Photocopies of Technical Evaluation Report
Trade name certificate.
Devise a Business Plan:
You will need to create a compelling and comprehensible business plan that should feature details like:
Your budget
Projected finances
Development plans
Find a Corporate Service Provider (CSP):
A CSP puts in their best effort to speed up the whole process with effective and efficient coordination and offer their expert legal opinion in legalities of incorporation. The CSP can also provide the legal requirement of a Registered office address for the International Business Company.

Select a Business Structure:
Your business will need to be structured as:
A sole proprietorship.
An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).
An LLC (Limited Liability Company).
A Public Shareholding Company.
A Private Shareholding Company.
A Joint Venture.
Open Corporate Bank Account:
As a part of the post-incorporation steps, investors who open an IBC will also open a corporate bank account for their UAE offshore company.
IP & Trademark:
You can register Intellectual Property of your own in all of the jurisdictions with the Hong Kong company.
Applying for Merchant account:
This service will be operational after the corporate bank account is activated.