Company Name/Type Approval:
The proposed company name of your Seychelles offshore company can be selected with the help of the Company’s Registry within the country. The International Business Company or IBC is the commonly used business form for offshore purposes in Seychelles.

Draw Up the Business Plan:
Investors need to draw up the business plan and decide on the shareholding structure. Once this is done, they can start preparing the Articles of Association and Memorandum.
The International Business Company (IBC) consist of shareholders and directors of which the specifications are given mentioned below;

Minimum of one director (Can be individual or a corporate entity of any nationality). No resident director is required.
Any number of additional directors can be appointed.
We also offer nominee director service at an additional fee.

A minimum of one shareholder is required.
A director and shareholder can be the same or different people.
A shareholder can be an individual or corporate body.
There is no limit of the number of shareholders.

Paid Up Capital:
Minimum paid-up capital: One share of par value in any currency.
Standard Authorized Capital/Shares: 1,000,000 shares

Registered Address:
We will provide you a registered address in Seychelles at no cost.

Register your Corporate Business:
All new companies are registered with the Seychelles Business Authority (SIBA). This is a one-stop-shop for offshore company licensing and regulation.

The following documents are required for registering your corporate business;
  • Passport and residential address proof (certified copy*) of proposed shareholders and directors.
  • Details of the parent company of the shareholder is a corporate entity.

Bank Account Opening:
We will assist you with the bank account opening for your offshore company Seychelles.