Within 3 months, we bring you to page 1 in Chinese Search Engines - Baidu

What are the Business opportunities in China? Struggling with China Market Entry? Feeling Frustrated and wanting to give up?

Well don’t!  Want a China Company Formation? You have found us. We are 100% sure that we can help you setup a bridge outside China and still allow you to do business and begin China market entry.

Five Things you need to bear in mind before you begin China market entry.

Chinese people like foreign brands, and foreign reputations. Why? Please see our website: https://www.cpahkcompanyformation.com/please-read-all-below-or-you-lose-the-chances-to-enter-whole-china-markets/how-to-sell-0379-bilion-of-chinese-people;

To start China market entry or expand China Markets, focus on Online Marketing Strategies, instead of traditional marketing methods;

Chinese people on average spend around 2 to 3 hours using online searches;

Forget all English keywords, SEO services. You need to use simplified Chinese keywords, and Chinese SEO;

Forget Skype, WhatsApp. You need to use Chinese communication techniques for your marketing strategy in China;

Practical ways for China market entry and opportunities of doing business in China:

Business Opportunities of doing business in China - To buy from China, and sell Overseas (marketing strategy China)

Please see our website to find out more:


Opportunity of doing business in China - To buy from overseas, and sell in China

Suppose you have your website set up in foreign language(s), you need to create one set for simplified Chinese for your marketing strategy in China. If you need translation services, we can help. We can use our Chinese translators to make such Chinese sentences which are more readable by Chinese people; Then

No need Baidu Adwords, RenRen (RÉN RÉN) + Douban (DÒU BÀN), RenRen Adv (RÉN RÉN), YouKu Tudou (YŌUKÙ TǓDÒU), YouKu Tudou Adv (YŌUKÙ TǓDÒU), Taobao + Tmall and Weibo (WĒIBÓ) and DianPing (DÀ ZHÒNG DIǍN PÍNG)  -  Just NEED CHINESE Google Search Engine Ranking = Baidu Search Engine Ranking. AS 75% CHINESE WILL GO BAIDU SEARCH.

No need SKYPE.COM + WHATSAPP – For the purpose of communications between you and your CHINESE clients ONLY Wechat + QQ

Don’t pay for - Google Searching Engine Ranking; Google AdWords; Facebook Social Media; Facebook Adv; YouTube; YouTube Adv; Twitter; eBay; …. It is because China BAN OF ALL.

Use Simplified Chinese Keywords – Forget English Keywords or foreign Keywords – We will study your company background, and under what products or services you do. After that, we will translate all English Keywords or foreign Keywords into Simplified Chinese Keywords, then we will amend Simplified Chinese Keywords to those Simplified Chinese Keywords which are most commonly searched in the Baidu Search Database. This is a good marketing strategy for China.

To go up in the Baidu Search Engine Rankings, you need to use a First Level Chinese Domain Name. Home Page(s) of the First Level Chinese Domain Name can only have Simplified Chinese Languages, and with Chinese SEO format(s) which include Chinese hosting’s, Chinese emails, Chinese fax number, Chinese telephone, Chinese address, etc.

With our knowledge of how Baidu Search Engine Rankings work, we know how SEO works and can get you to the first page rankings of your Simplified Chinese Keywords within three months, and with the specific Home Page(s) of the First Level Chinese Domain Name having only been Simplified in Chinese Languages, also with Chinese SEO format(s). When Chinese people search using Simplified Chinese Keywords, your specific Home Page(s) of the First Level Chinese Domain Name having only Simplified Chinese Languages will be shown up in the first page. If they click on the First Level Chinese Domain Name, it will enter your specific Home Page(s) having only Simplified Chinese Languages. The specific Home Page(s) will guide the Chinese people to click your OVERSEAS WEBSITE directly, with the Simplified Chinese version. You may ask how is it possible to go to page one within 3 months? Simply by using this good Marketing strategy for China.

If you find a top professional SEO expert, they will say they can get you to page one in Google.com and that it will take at least 1 to 2 years. I am also a professional SEO expert. My own professional business website in Hong Kong took more than five years to go to page one, and I have spent huge investments on SEO fees. It is better that we ask why google takes years to go to page one, or even to never get to page one at all. The reason is that google crawl url on the internet covers THE WORLD (EXCLUDING CHINA). A person can have a website, ten websites, or 100 websites, etc. The same company can have many websites, etc. How difficult is it to get a website? In China, it is different. You need to have a First Level Chinese Domain Name before you can go on the ranking. So, you need to have a formal Chinese company, have a Chinese bank account, have tax ID record, have a REAL office. However, many overseas companies going to China STILL USE overseas websites, as they only setup factories in China, or they buy goods in China, and they sell overseas. Therefore, their websites are also overseas websites, like .com. Chinese local companies also use overseas websites, as they promote their products overseas, so they use .com. Note Chinese domain names can be crawl inside the Chinese Search Engine. Chinese domain names cannot go outside CHINA. So there is low demand to register Chinese domain names. IT IS ONLY IN THESE TWO YEARS that there is a chance for Overseas businesses to go to China as well as China business opportunities for small businesses, as only in THESE TWO YEARS China has now entered the Second Global Economy and know World people. So, this is why we say, THERE ARE CHINA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES for small business to large. You just need a good marketing strategy for China.

In the contact page, you will have an overseas telephone number, email address, fax number, overseas address, and the important ones are that you say that for Chinese people, please add to WeChat I.D or QQ I.D in which Chinese people will add for you and you mention that as there is also a time difference, you can only respond to them in YOUR TIME. So, we have built up a bridge between you and the Chinese people so you can deal with them directly.

Issues of Communication between you and Chinese? Yes, there are, but google can help you. Thanks to google Translate. As an experienced businessman, you need to read a detailed short sentence list of Q and A most commonly used which most people ask for regarding your products and services. It is better that you use SIMPLE SENTENCES, as these can be directly translated by Google Translate. When they contact you using Chinese language, you can use google translate, and can copy one or two sentences from your standard simple answers and mail to them. In the event that they make orders, you can ask them to pay.

Other PRACTICAL supporting services – at the beginning stage of China market entry, you have constructed up a bridge and so you can now easily enter the Chinese markets. If you need help, we can also provide you with Chinese Company Check Services; Chinese and Overseas Translation Services; Chinese Legal Contracts and Agreements Services; Hong Kong and Chinese Human Resources Services (Full time or part time or only for hours need); Global Tax (including HK and China) Consulting Services; HK and China and Overseas Company Setup Services; HK and China and Overseas Bank account setup services.

So no need to wait for opportunities of doing business in China, just start your CHINA MARKET ENTRY! – CHINA BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES FOR SMALL BUSINESSES TO LARGE!

If You need to register:

Baidu Adwords

RenRen (RÉN RÉN) + Douban (DÒU BÀN)

RenRen Adv (RÉN RÉN)

YouKu  Tudou (YŌUKÙ TǓDÒU)

YouKu Tudou Adv (YŌUKÙ TǓDÒU)

Taobao + Tmall

Weibo (WĒIBÓ)


We can help you do this. We can register WFOE, and open a WFOE bank account for you, then register the above for you. All are under your company name, so that all investments are under your control. We will then follow up your tax implications in HK and China, including renewals and exemption of profits tax in HK. If in China, we will handle quarterly corporate tax filing, quarterly VAT filings, and yearly auditing, and yearly tax filings. After that we will handle the application of remittance of money outside of China so that finally you will receive all returns from China. What great opportunities of doing business in China!