What are the business opportunities in China ?


Firstly, we don’t recommend clients setup a factory in China as their China entry strategy as there are now more barriers put in place for business opportunities in the China market and setting up a factory there. This would not be a good China market entry strategy.  We do however, recommend that clients setup a factory outside of China. In fact, more and more Chinese factories are also moving to overseas, like in Vietnam, so it is better you consider what countries are good for the manufacturing process or productions.

What are the business opportunities in China?

Here we mention the different China market entry strategies of how to sell in China and business opportunities in China market as China has grown so rapidly you can now sell to 0.4 billion people by using high technologies placed in such ways around the world.

First, you need to consider the different ways in which you can advertise in your own country?

Answer: Most likely you will do this through your local newspapers, local magazines, TV, radio, or other local search engines, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Say for example you placed an advert in one local newspaper, and one reader looked at this, and he contacted you by phone, you then discussed your content of advert to him. If he feels happy, then he will make the order. Resulting in you making profits. This is the common way of doing business in your local area.

How about engaging business opportunities in the China market and also in the global market? Can you still advertise in all newspapers, local magazines, TV, radio, local search engines, Facebook, YouTube, etc? Yes you can, but you will need to invest a lot of money. A smart businessman will not spend all their money on advertising and media. they will do it in such a way that saves money and are still able to access all the global markets.

What to choose:

Google Search Engine Ranking – Google is a global information search engine. If you have a product like, for example, baby powder, the google keywords are “baby powder” people will find the search from Google. It lists out the websites from the first page of Johnson’s baby powder. It means if people used the search words “baby powder”, they will get information from Johnson’s baby powder first. You must ask yourself ‘how can I can get my products on the first page of Google’? All businessmen want their products or services on the first page of Google. It takes you over decades and much expenditure to get to the top of the first page of Google Ranking.

Google Ad-word – If you key “baby power” again, you can see there must have some websites denoted as [Ad] having advertising words, and website links. It is a Google Ad-word. It is online advertising provided by Google. You can choose what countries your advertisement will be placed online with. You can also choose all countries provided by Google. It is paid per click by people entering to your website. The ranking also depends upon who pays more first, so who will rank up in the first line or second line of the first page. Depending upon what products or what services or how competitive the markets are, the average price per click is US$13.

Facebook Social Media – It is a social network, with people share same information, and through direct or indirect network, you will get or share information. Like if you provide a good products or services, and your client has used your products or services, and feels that he wants to share his experience to others, so he will share his experience through Facebook to others. Sure if they get recommend from his, it is definitely he will find you without search engines or Google Adv. It is because Word of Mouth is a good advertisement.

Facebook Adv – People share advertising through discussions that have advertisements attached. For example. If a person wants to find a particular service, and asks whether anyone knows and shares the same to others, Facebook Adverts will show up for the same or similar services or products that the person is looking for. However, the fee pay on Facebook Advertising is also quite expensive.

YouTube – It is a video of information. Intra to Google which provides content information, YouTube provides “live” information. People want to see your face, your office, Etc. which can be recorded in a video and uploaded to YouTube. Sure, it is the same as google where if you go to the YouTube website, and type keywords “Baby Powder” you can see the live company who provides baby powder products and is the same in ranking issues. You need to pay more before you can go to the first page of the YouTube Video Search Engine.

YouTube Adv – is the same as Google Adv. You can pay for the advertising online so that people can see your video in the YouTube Adv. You need to pay more before your video can be shown in the first or second line of YouTube in the first page.

eBay – This is an open shopping website that you can put your products or services on to sell and people who want to buy these products or services will also go to eBay to get it. eBay is a market who pays more so that their products or services will go to first page. Therefore, it can also cost a lot to put your products or services to the first page in eBay shopping search engine.

Instant communication methodSkype.com or WhatsApp is an instant communication method that you can upload as an app either from your cell phone/iPad or computer, etc. you can directly communicate to each other by chat or by call no matter where you are in the world. Perfect for a new business in China.

Combination of Online Marketing methods for China entry strategy.

It is common practice today that if you need more business opportunities for China company formation to launch your products or services over the world, you should advertise through either:

SKYPE.COM + WHATSAPP – For the purpose of communications between you and your clients.

Inclusive of this, place your advertisements through:

  • Google Searching Engine Ranking
  • Google Ad-words
  • Facebook Social Media
  • Facebook Adv
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Adv
  • Twitter
  • eBay