China Market Entry

China Market Entry Strategy, Mode of Entry | Online New Marketing Strategy China

What are the business opportunities in China ?

Firstly, we don’t recommend clients setup a factory in China as their China entry strategy as there are now more barriers put in place for business opportunities in the China market and setting up a factory there.

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China Market Entry or expanding your products or services in CHINA ?

First, please ask yourself whether there are business opportunities in the China market and if it is worth proceeding with the China Market entry or whether your China entry strategy is the right one.

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Business Opportunities in China Market and How to make money in China Market

There are two ways to make money: .....

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Why should I choose Stephen MS Lai & Co CPA Ltd ?

Stephen Lai entered China Markets, providing consulting services to Chinese people before China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO). Because of this, ...

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Within 3 months, we bring you to page 1 in Chinese Search Engines - Baidu

What are the Business opportunities in China? Struggling with China Market Entry? Feeling Frustrated and wanting to give up?

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