How to use WFOE

What WFOE can be done in China ?

a) Act as a Cost Centre

To register a WFOE as a manufacturing factory in China, and directly export and sell outside China. In this category, import of know-how technologies , and intelligence or knowledge, and new materials or sources, clients can save production costs using Chinese labour resources, and earn maximun profits from selling to Global Markets. 

b) Act as a Sales Centre

To register a WFOE as a sales office in China, and can promote whole products or services in the whole China. China has over 14 billion of people. With limited resources in China and high demand of new products or services or new sources from Chinese people, and certainly with very high consumption power,  clients can through WFOE market their services or products in China through direct wholeselling, retailing or distributors or other means.

c) Act as a Purchasing Agent

To register a WFOE as a purchasing agent in China, clients can buy the products from the Chinese factories at a reduced fees, and can sell to Global Markets and earn maximun profits. Clients in this categoary can make application of refund of VAT. Note that representative office is not allowed to claim VAT refund.

d) Importation of Offshore Human Rsources

Because of increasing development in China, with high demand of innovations, or inventions. There have been in high demand of human resources in the whole china. It is the way WFOE can import human resources from outside China. Using WFOE, clients can get work visa for their foreign employees and stay and work in China. Note that representative office is not allowed to apply for visa for foreign employees working in China.