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Question 1: What is a WFOE?

China Taxation Resources

Generally, any tax in China may be of the following types:

How to use WFOE?

Getting register WFOE as a manufacturing plant, the manufactured products can be sell and exported out of the china.

Where is China ?

There is a common question most businesses ponder upon when looking at China.

Establishing a Business in China

Creating a method to enter China in a way that is beneficial, can be a strenuous task considering the different social and political system.

Practical Methods for Foreign Businesses to enter the China Market

It is our opinion that foreign businesses should not set up their factories in China at present, because of the large number of obstacles put in place by the government which at present result in lower returns.

Why to choose SZQH Shenzhen Free Trading Zone

Eastern part of Asia has the one-party sovereign country named as People Republic of China. China has the status of most populous country of the world with the population of about 1.404 billion people.