Corporate Bank Account Open in Singapore

Package fee for Hong Kong or offshore company + Banks in Singapore

In this case, you need to go to Singapore and open bank accounts there, we can make the appointments and arrangements and submit all documents (including company formation documents, passport and proof of address (Within 3 months of recent proofs), and relevant other documents as requested by the bank manager to the banks before you go there. First you choose the bank you want to open, then we will submit the Documents to banks for checking, and get pre-approval, after that we will make appointment for you to the bank the Day and Time for a meeting. In this arrangement, you can make a schedule which is fit to you, and inform us the day and time you can go to Singapore, then we will arrange to your schedule make the Day and Time for you for a meeting. You only go there for 30 minutes and can get the bank accounts processed and opened.

Note as it has pre-approval, so it will not spend your time and fare to go Singapore, nor you need to stay there in the hotel. You only stay there within MINUTES.

The banks we can arrange including DBS Singapore, and OCBC Singapore