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We provide specialized services for setting up a limited company HK . Partner with us to create company HK today.

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About Us

Stephen M.S.Lai is the professional who you can trust, and who can fix out all the issues you have when either opening banks in HK or other business issues. Why not get a call, and contact us.

About Us
Steeped in the years of experience and standing on the pillars of values and expertise, Stephen M.S Lai and co. CPA Ltd. has been working in the field of setting up a business HK for years now.

This is the joint venture of two partners that started off with an aim to provide best trade register hk services to clients from around the globe. Their expertise include a broad scope of services. These include global company formation HK; that is a complete hk formation, keeping in view the laws and requirements of the hk administration.

Our mission is

“To provide expert and professional offshore company formation hk consultation and supporting services”

Our focus is to bring value to the market and to our clients alike, through our professional services.

Our Services

We offer professional and fast company formation hk providing you the best company formation hk. Our services includes:

  • Founding a company in HK
  • Our company formation agents London help you provide complete consultative solutions at every step to create a company in London.
  • Register company online HK
  • We offer online company formation HK. Now you do not have to worry about how to register a company in HK online. You can register a company with companies’ house online through us from the comfort of your home and stay free of worries and hassles.
  • Company registration document HK
  • How much does it cost to register a business HK? We provide affordable business formation HK services. Register ltd company HK online or by visiting us. We help you complete all the necessary documentation and applications for the process.
  • HK LLP formation
  • How to start your own limited company in HK? We offer new company formation UK including the limited liability partnership setup HK
  • HK PLC company formation 
  • How to setup a private limited company HK? We offer to open ltd company in HK online, on your behalf and minimize your effort level about starting a company in England.
  • HK company formation with bank account
  • We offer to open the bank account essentially required to register a company in HK.
  • Business name registration HK
  • Our agents help you through the process of registering the company name with the authorities for a HK company register
  • Set up limited company companies house
  • How to open a company in HK? Companies house incorporate a company. Our experts know how to register a company with companies’ house following proper procedures.